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  • 1xSalon (Special Offer UK Only) 10xTube + 1xCream Bleach


    1x salon offer:

    10x Tube 50gr 1.76 oz of any colour of our range (free shipping only in the UK mainland)

    1x 1STEP LIGHTENER Cream (Bleach) . 250gr 8.5o

    Mix (1:1) 1STEP COLOUR  tube Only
    Mix (1:2) 1STEP LIGHTENER Cream (Bleach) 250gr 8.5oz
    Mix (1:5) 1STEP LIGHTENER Cream (Bleach)  + 1STEP COLOUR  tube when combined Link:
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    1 STEP COLOUR is a unique product that allows you to lift UP TO 7 LEVELS and deposit a chosen pigment in one easy step. 

    • Removes chemical colour (polymers) from the hair "pre-coloured hair tint".
    • Removes natural colour (melanin) from the hair.
    • Deposit chosen pigment from our range.

    • 1 STEP COLOUR is a professional product. It is different from any other oxidation hair bleach and it has unique characteristics. It is a creative product, which can be used as scalp bleach or for bleaching/highlighting sections of hair. It is the only cream bleach on the market that ensures bleaching and depositing semi-permanent toner at the same time. 

    Mixed with the desired strength of cream developer (hydrogen peroxide), 1 STEP COLOUR dissolves any natural pigments (melanin) or chemical pigments (polymers) from the hair.

    The resulting emulsion is alkaline (pH about 10) and ensures approx. 7 levels of lift. At the same time new oxidation-resistant pigments penetrate into the hair strands.

    In other words, 1 STEP COLOUR lifts 7 levels whilst the chosen pigment develops.