1StepColour (Bleach and deposit)
  • 1Step Lightner Cream (Bleach)


    1STEP LIGHTENER Cream (Bleach) 250gr 8.5oz

    Quick, powerful and Eco-friendly, it replaces bleaching powder, protects the hair, bleaches whilst retaining as much moisture as possible and is safer and healthier for the hairdresser.

    The mineral oils that are combined with the bleaching agent ensure beautiful lightening and highlights even on delicate hair. 

    The product is far more gentle on the hair than traditional powder bleach.


    Before opening, squeeze the bag for a few moments to loosen the cream bleach. Once thoroughly mixed with the peroxide, the cream bleach should be smooth in consistency in order to achieve an even lift.

    Regularly check the bleached sections during the process. Once desired effects have been achieved rinse thoroughly.