SAND: Tube 50gr 1.76 oz

    The predominant pigment is (violet/blue). This is ideal for neutralising unwanted yellow/orange overtones (highlights).

    1 STEP COLOUR is a unique product that allows you to lift UP TO 7 LEVELS and deposit a colour in one easy step.

    • Removes chemical pigments (polymers) from the hair "pre-coloured hair tint".

    • Removes natural pigments (melanin) from the hair.

    • Deposit colour from our range.

    1STEP COLOUR is a highly professional product. It is different from any other oxidation hair dyes and it features unique characteristics. It is a creative product, which can be used as all-over colour, or for dying strips of hair. It is the only cream on the market that ensures lifting and deposit permanent colour at the same time. Dissolved pigments in fact ensure the best colour performances.

    Mixed with the correct volume of cream developer, 1STEP COLOUR removes any natural pigments (melanin) or chemical pigments (polymers) from the hair.

    The resulting emulsion is alkaline (pH about 10) and ensures more or less 7 levels of lift; at the same time new oxidation-resistant pigments penetrate into the hair strands (4/6 levels).

    In other words, 1STEP COLOUR lifts 7 tones while the pigments colour 4/6 tones, according to the shade you choose

    Mix (1:1)

    Example: Mix 50g of 1STEP COLOUR cream in the desired shade and 50g of developer 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume (3%, 6%, 9%, 12%) in a non metallic bowl. The choice of developer used depends on the original colour of the hair and on how many levels you want to lift. 1STEP COLOUR is a progressive cream. Therefore it is necessary to check the swatches until the desired result is achieved. It is not recommended to leave the colour on for more than 45 minutes.

    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. (Read warning on back of the tint box).