1StepColour (Bleach and deposit)
  • 1StepColour Black/Charcoal (Bleach) 250gr-8.5oz


    1StepColour (No Yellow Color Black Lightening Cream) Bleach 250gr 8.5oz

    1StepColour anti Yellow Black Lightening Cream is a powerful black bleaching cream designed to neutralise unwanted yellow and red tones in the hair. 

    It is ideal for all hair types, even treated hair. 

    This innovative formula uses grey pigments to neutralise warm melanins in the hair, providing natural or grey tones depending on the base and the strength of the oxidant used. 

    The result is neutralized hair with an ashy effect.


    • Black bleaching cream with a neutralizing action
    • Ideal for all hair types, including treated hair
    • Grey pigments neutralize warm melanins in the hair
    • Leaves neutralized hair with an ashy effect
    • Can lighten hair up to 8 levels


    1. Mix 1:2 with Peroxyde 
    2. Use the scales for a perfect and precise dose
    3. Mix very well to obtain a soft, creamy, and even texture
    4. Apply to hair as needed, following the recommended processing time


    • Enriched with natural oils to provide extra care and softness to the hair
    • Can be applied close to the roots for more precise and effective lightening
    • Suitable for all hair types, including treated hair
    • High concentration of natural oils
    • Provides 7/8 levels of lightening for a perfect blonde result