• 1StepColour Tone-Up H-light Developer


    1STEP TONE-UP DEVELOPER  (cream Developer) . 500ml 16.8oz
    1StepColour Tone-Up is a stabilised developer containing special blue/violet pigments that are activated when mixing the developer with alkaline bleaching substances. It is available in 33vol.
    With its viscous creamy consistency, it can be mixed with any 1StepColour bleaching cream range counteract or prevent unwanted golden/orange tones and to obtain pure cool blonds in one step.
    1StepColour tone-up is enriched with mineral oils and protective actives that moisturise hair and prevent any damages.

    Use the mixing ratio as recommended in the directions for use of the 1StepColour bleaching product range you are going to use.
    Always check the bleaching process. At the end, rinse carefully and abundantly.