1StepColour (Bleach and deposit)
  • 1Step Paste Bleach Plex


    1 STEP Paste Bleach Plex. 220gr 7.8oz

    Quick, powerful and Eco-friendly, Bleaching paste with ß-D-Fructose Oligosaccharides.

    It does not dry out or inflate.

    Suitable for any off scalp bleaching techniques (DO NOT RECOMMED ON SCALP), this conditioning shine-inducing formula will prevent the hair from feeling dry or brittle.

    By replacing powder bleach, 1 STEP Paste Bleach Plex is more gentle on the hair, has approx. 7 levels of lift and is safer for the hairdresser.

    The product ensures beautiful lightening even on previously hard to bleach hair , due to the mineral oil and fruit acid (conditioning agents) combined with its bleaching agents.


    Place the paste in a non-metallic bowl. Add 
    1 part of 1 STEP Paste Bleach Plex to 2 parts of your chosen strength of cream developer (hydrogen peroxide). Ratio 1:2.

    Mix thoroughly and make sure you always monitor the bleaching process. At the end, rinse carefully and thoroughly.