1StepColour (Bleach and deposit)

How We Got Started

1 STEP COLOUR is our first revolutionary cream bleach + pigment. 

It is created by hairdressers for hairdressers. 1 STEP COLOUR lifts and deposits tone in one easy step.

After two years of research and development in the professional salon workplace, 1 STEP COLOUR was launched in 2015 in the UK and Europe.

1 STEP COLOUR is a revolutionary approach toward hair bleach with limitless potential which immediately gained interest in the industry.

We realise that most of our clientele have coloured hair and the most common remover of synthetic pigment is powder bleach, which is not only harmful if inhaled, but difficult to create consistent results.

This was the beginning of two years of research and development, and now we have a specialised range including cream bleach with pigment that not only lifts up to 8/9 levels, but also deposits the pigment in the hair. This will allow the hair colourist to have more options when bleaching hair.

CPS Academy is proud to endorse the 1 STEP COLOUR cream. Our passionate and dedicated Creative Team is committed to on-going innovation and development, perfecting and delivering new bleach training courses.

The 1 STEP COLOUR embodies the very latest in bleaching technology and through our UK Academy, we provide professional bleach education.